New York – Greenwich Village (4″x8″)

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As urban renewal has taken place and older historic buildings in New York are restored to their past glory, reclaimed brick has become an extremely precious and highly sought-after architectural feature. Throughout the United States, designers seek to use brick for floors, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, feature walls and patio decks; but the quality and availability of the genuine brick has made these projects problematic or prohibitively expensive. The New York series has leveraged its 21st century technology to achieve a design breakthrough by creating a 4”x8” porcelain tile that has the look, feel and authenticity of true New York brick. It is available in four colors that remain true to the tradition of America’s largest city. Hexagons, stair-treads, corner/bullnose pieces are also available to round off any design concept.


Size Name Code Finish
4”x8” Broadway 1048153 Naturale
8”x9” hex Broadway 1048413 Naturale
4”x8” Central Park 1048154 Naturale
8”x9” hex Central Park 1048414 Naturale
4”x8” Chelsea 1048155 Naturale
8”x9” hex Chelsea 1048415 Naturale
4”x8” Greenwich Village 1048156 Naturale
8”x9” hex Greenwich Village 1048416 Naturale
4”x8” SOHO 1048157 Naturale
8”x9” hex SOHO 1048417 Naturale
4”x8” Wall Street 1048158 Naturale
8”x9” hex Wall Street 1048418 Naturale


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × .31 in
Size and Color

4×8 – Broadway, 8×9 hex – Broadway, 4×8 – Central Park, 8×9 hex – Central Park, 4×8 – Chelsea, 8×9 hex – Chelsea, 4×8 – Greenwich Village, 8×9 hex – Greenwich Village, 4×8 – SOHO, 8×9 hex – SOHO, 4×8 – Wall Street, 8×9 hex – Wall Street


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