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Carpet Puts You on Safer Ground

The floor is lava! Okay, not really, but in some cases and for those of us “less than stable” on our feet, it can sure seem like it. Uneven flooring, such as transitions from wood or vinyl to area rugs, can be highly dangerous for folks who may need assistance or are less than agile […]

Vinyl Flooring: The Durable Choice

Are you considering new flooring for your home or office? Looking for something comfortable, durable, and luxurious? Consider vinyl flooring as a cost efficient, yet attractive option.  We’re not talking about your grandma’s rolled vinyl kitchen floor. Today’s vinyl flooring comes in a range of products that offer stylish yet durable looks that boast water […]

Laminate Flooring: The Affordable Choice

Looking to upgrade your home’s flooring? Laminate flooring gives you the look of hardwood or stone floors in a nice affordable bundle of benefits that hardwood and stone don’t offer. Some of those additional perks are: Exceptional durability; Easy installation; Water-resistance; Low maintenance;  Lower cost. Laminate floors give you all that you want and more. […]

Dreamy Hardwood Floors for Your Home

Dreaming of luxurious, quality hardwood flooring throughout your home? Traditionally, hardwood flooring was long thick planks of solid wood that would cost you a pretty penny to obtain. Today, you can get beautiful engineered hardwood flooring that looks and feels luxurious without breaking the bank. Engineered hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of domestic […]

The Nitty Gritty of Flooring Removal

Few things can compare to the excitement and anticipation of getting new flooring installed in your home. Before your installers arrive, there are some preparations that need to be made ahead of installation day, such as preparing for removal of your old flooring. Simple things you can do ahead of installation day to ensure safety […]

Choose Carpet to Add Beauty and Style

New flooring is one of the easiest and most impactful updates you can make to your home. You may be tempted to tackle this project on your own, however, doing it yourself can lead to pitfalls and potentially serious problems down the road. Having a professional do your new flooring installation for you ensures success. […]

Carpet: The Soundproofing Solution You Need

There are very few sounds that warm the heart like the pitter patter of sweet baby feet ambling across the room, arms outstretched, and a delightful squeal of greeting. Multiply that sound by adding multiple toddlers and a hard flooring surface such as wood or vinyl, and it can also be the source of discomfort […]